Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloweekend!

Instead of blogging, I've been partaking in the Team Fortress 2 "Scream Fortress" activities in celebration of Halloween.  I just have one thing to say: human players are very annoying.  It may only be one person, but when everyone else is shooting at the boss and That_One_Guy decides he's going to kill everyone on your team, he instantly becomes everyone's target once the boss goes away unharmed.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Dance Intermission

This is what I get for only going to New York Comic Con on Saturday.  On Sunday two groups of Assassins took to the dance floor across the aisle from the Assassin's Creed booth for both Just Dance 3 and The Black Eyed Peas Experience.  Here's some YouTube footage, and some mad props to the Revelations Ezio in the second video.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New York Comic Con Wrap-Up Part One

Peach and Bowser invite you in to the NYCC Wrap-Up Post!
After all of my anticipation, my single-day excursion to New York Comic Con has sadly come to a close.  It was a lot of time, preparation, and money, but in all it was an enjoyable experience.  I'm going to split my wrap-up into several posts, and place emphasis on my personal experience rather than the entirety of what occurred at the show (since other news outlets already have all that covered).

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pros and Cons

Yes, I have a reason for my utter lack of updates: I had to prep for my single day excursion to New York Comic Con! And by preparations, I mean create a costume, of course. I never made a schedule of panels or booths I plan to go to, so I'm just going to wing it. Look for posts here on my experience and updates to my Twitter. So if an Assassin stabs you in the heart today, it could have very well been me.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tweet20 - September 2011

#19 - One of the weirder moments of "Brawl in the Family" when Waluigi takes over the strip.
The scheduled last day of September post of news that didn't fit is a day two days late. Darn you internet service provider for deciding not to work during the brief amount of time I want to do something productive online! Enough ranting, on to the tweet-sized briefs:
  1. How the Mighty Have Fallen - I don't know what happened to Silicon Knights, but the very negative reaction to X-Men Destiny may do the once-acclaimed company in.
  2. Because, Honestly - Bad licensed games are inexcusable when games like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City exist.
  3. Humble Indie Bundle - I'm a sucker for these ever since I bought a new laptop, though my backlog keeps growing.
  4. World of Goo - I already own it for PC and Wii, but I couldn't resist buying it on sale for 99 cents for iOS.
  5. Black Friday - Already making my list of game deals I want to look for with all of the major releases this year and around the holiday season
  6. Assassin's Creed Revelations - Delayed on PC until December, so I can either see if there's a PS3 Black Friday deal or actually give myself time to finish Brotherhood.
  7. Well, What About Assassin's Creed II? - I seriously have no idea why it's taking me so longer to finish - no, yes I do. My mouse moves to TF2, and a quick round turns into hours.
  8. New York Comic Con - It's just two weeks away, so I have little time to decide on what panels I want to go to - so many options!
  9. Playstation Vita Battery Life -3-5 hours for games with bluetooth off, headphones instead of speakers, default brightness, and 3G or WiFi off. So how long otherwise?
  10. Dust off that 3DS - Zelda: Four Swords is a free download for DSi/3DS systems, though WiFi multiplayer is sorely absent.
  11. Almost Played Pokemon White Again - But I got distracted by all of the other games that I never started or even installed. My Pokemon probably won't recognize me anymore.
  12. Gesundheit! - I mentioned it earlier, but this iOS- exclusive game is a real gem that is both disgusting and cute. Buy it! It's cheap!
  13. Cosplay - So this weekend I'm attempting to make a video game related costume as Halloween is fast approaching. Can you guess what it is?
  14. You Can't Handle the Truth - As his CoD skills were deficient, a 46-year-old tracks down his 13-year-old nemesis and attacks him. If you can't take him out one way...
  15. Old Games - It's time to make a hard decision on what games from the last four generations I'll definitely never play again and downsize.
  16. Final Fantasy II- I questioned why I never finished the game when I was so close to the end, then I remembered how much I hated the leveling system.
  17. Final Fantasy IV DS - I finally started this remake, though it's weird hearing voices from these old characters. The pace seems slower too, but I'll give it time.
  18. A Lot of Kirby - After no entirely new games for a few years, three new Kirby games are released in a one-year window. Hooray for the little pink puffball!
  19. Brawl in the Family - My current favorite gaming web comic, even when it's just cute instead of funny.  Nintendo and Kirby haters need not apply.
  20. Not My Prince - Recently saw the Prince of Persia movie and I still think Jake Gyllenhaal was horribly miscast. Would I feel that if I didn't love the game?