Sunday, January 30, 2011

Black vs. White - Choosing My Next Pokémon Game

I previously established with myself that I would not purchase any more video games until I got through my current backlog of games, with most of them being the result of Black Friday deals and holiday releases.  But as I tend to do, I'm going to break that rule come March 6th when Pokémon Black and White are released.  Any other game that will be released in that time frame (or that I didn't get a chance to play yet) will be ignored, given the amount of time I've put into every Pokémon game.  Here, I'm going to make my decision of which version I will end up playing.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Five Games That Made Me Curse the Television

     I'm sure every gamer has encountered at least one game that caused him or her to yell some random explicative out at the television.  The reason for this can vary, be it an insanely difficult game that causes you to fling the controller across the room, an unexpected surprise, a confusing plot, or anger at a disappointing sequel to one of your favorite games.  Here I'm going to reminisce about five games that did just that.