Friday, November 2, 2012

Now Playing: November 2nd

"Now Playing" is a post scheduled for the first and third Friday of every month. Here I'll give an update on what I'm currently playing. Just because I'm playing it now doesn't necessarily mean that it has been recently released.

'Cause this is Thriller!
November is the month that I'm dedicating to getting back into the swing of things, which just happens to coincide with a bunch of new video games getting released.  

Currently in Team Fortress 2 land it's the annual "Scream Fortress" Halloween events.  I had a hard time this year trying to find server that matched the way I wanted to play.  My ideal server was this: kill the other team, but call a truce whenever the boss appears and work together to defeat him.  What I kept getting matched to: some Quarter Pounder with Douche (usually a back-stabbing Spy or fire-happy Pyro) would proceed to kill your team while trying to kill the boss or the people on the server would insist on standing still and wait for the boss to appear before shooting anything.  The first example is annoyance, the second was just plain boring.  Still, I managed to find server that did cooperate on defeating the boss.  Now I just need to play some more before the Halloween events expire so that I can get more zombified outfits for the classes.

Due to my recent Team Fortress 2 obsession, both Torchlight II and Pokemon Black 2 got on the back burner.  Pokemon due to me getting to a sewer area in the game and I just despise sewer levels, and Torchlight II due mostly to that when I open up Steam I wind up launching Team Fortress 2 instead.  Assassin's Creed III arrived in the mail this week as well, I just need to find the time play it because I know that once I start it I'll be there for several hours at a time.

And yet again I'm overwhelmed with the number of games I recently purchased.  So much time and so little to play.  Strike that; reverse it.