Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Pokémon White Adventures: Part One


Before I dive into reflections of my playthrough of Pokémon White, I must say that I almost completely forgot that the Nintendo 3DS launch is this Sunday stateside.  Normally a system launch would be a big event for me, but despite the fact that I have the 3DS pre-ordered, I find myself much too preoccupied with things like life, work, and of course Pokémon to be too excited about it.  (In fact, I wasn't even going to buy a launch title until Amazon offered $25 off a game with 3DS orders.) I'm going to give some periodic updates on my adventures in Pokémon White. And if you're not interested in hearing about Pokémon, don't worry, I'll try to intersperse these posts with some other topics.

Now on to the post after the jump.  Spoilers be abound!

Monday, March 7, 2011

APU is now on Twitter

This is moreso a site update rather than a regular blog post.  I recently received an email from Twitter asking me to revive my abandoned account, so I thought a better use of it would be for my gaming blog.  There I'll post quick thoughts that don't warrant an entire post as well linking to new updates.  I've added a box to the right.  So follow @allpoweredup!