Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tweet20 - July 2011

Tweet20 # 16 - Nope, nothing's going on between these two. NOTHING!
For this post I'm going to start something new that I'll (hopefully) stick with for the duration of this blog.  Following the format of last month's Recent Developments in 140 Characters or Less, I'm going to start an end-of-month of random thoughts and things I want to comment on, but don't want to devote to an entire post.  So here's the first edition of APU's Tweet20 after the jump.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Gateway Drug (Going Camping Part 2)

First off, wow!  Three weeks since my last post.  It sure didn't seem like it was that long.  Well, now that I've finished up a major project that I've been working on, it's time to go and play some games!  Continuing from my previous post, the Steam Summer Sale came to a close and I tallied up my damage report.  While the average cost of a game I bought came to just over $3 (only one was above $10), the total damage to my wallet wasn't apparent until the very end of the sale.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Going Camping (aka Being a Cheap Ass)

Continuing from last week's post, where I said I felt late entering the current generation of gaming, I never considered myself a PC gamer.  Whenever LAN parties occurred at college, I always thought it was strange when people would bring in their huge gaming rigs that they purchased/built for the sole purpose of playing games.  At one party a group of non-regulars decided to bring their laptops and play Diablo II, and I remember one person scoffing at the idea that people would bring laptops to a LAN party. *puts on monocle and a top hat* "What's this?  A laptop?  Hoo hoo hoo. Inferior beings. Take a gander at my 32 inch LCD monitor, my desktop tower that weighs in at fifty pounds with two graphics cards and five hard drives, and my $100 gaming mouse." OK, I exaggerated a teeny bit, but I guess I was a bit turned off by the bit of elitism here.  So why do I suddenly own more PC games than what I have time for?