Friday, January 4, 2013

Now Playing: January 4th

"Now Playing" is a post scheduled for the first and third Friday of every month. Here I'll give an update on what I'm currently playing. Just because I'm playing it now doesn't necessarily mean that it has been recently released.

Dueling Team Fortress 2 teams in Hero Academy for iOS/PC (Steam).
Now is the time of year when everyone plays all of the video games they received for Christmas! Or, in my case, the games I purchased for myself... months ago.  

Recently I've been playing some more Team Fortress 2, as my play time has significantly increased now that I have a close friend who plays consistently.  My lone purchase for the Steam Winter Sale so far is Hero Academy, a strategy game I can also play on-the-go on iOS.  While the base game and one team is initially available for free on iOS, my $1.24 Steam purchase unlocked the Team Fortress 2 crew for me to use and removed the ads from the iOS app.  I like it enough so far that I'm considering the purchase of the rest of the teams should they go on sale again, just to give myself some more variety.

I also made a little bit more progress in Torchlight II.  I had been holding the game off a bit since that friend I mentioned earlier is interested in playing co-op, but is a Mac gamer and that port isn't finished yet.  For some reason I thought the Mac port would have been ready by now, but considering that the initial launch on the PC overshot its original release date by about a year, that was some wishful thinking on my part.

Lastly, I found myself playing Dr. Wario.  No, not Dr. Mario, Wario, as in the "knock-off" version found in WarioWare, Inc. on my 3DS (thanks to the Ambassador program.)  Now if there was only a regular game on the 3DS that could hold my interest. 

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